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 I’m Brooke, the small town girl behind the lens with big goals & big dreams. I often refer to myself as “Photog Mom” as I am a wife, and a stay at home mom to a spunky, almost 2 year old little girl. I met my husband in the summer of 2010 through my grandparents, as Jamie (my now husband) was my grandfather’s physical therapist at the time. Crazy, right? I lead a rather simple life, but it’s in the little things that I find contentment. I have a silly personality, & always enjoy a good laugh. I have a major sweet tooth for chocolate chip cookies, chocolate, & ice cream. I stand strong in my faith with Jesus. I love spending my summers boating on the lake or walking on the beach, but sadly I hate ALL seafood. I love Mexican food & could probably eat it everyday.

I love the outdoors, & I enjoy working out whether it be weight training, boxing, or running. I have a slight obsession with small towns that are nestled on the water. I am a true Redskins football fan as I grew up in a small town just 40 miles west of DC. I am a bit addicted to playing “Word” on my iPad in the evenings, which by the way, my hubby & I make a mean team. I can probably quote a majority of movie lines. I hate the city life, but I do enjoy a night out on the town every once in awhile. I like to be girly, yet I do have a tomboy side that tends to come out. I love my chick flicks & cozy nights in.

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Redskins fan, outdoorsy, and lover of the beach and chocolate

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