Community over competition.

You're ready to take your wedding photography business to the next level: working with ideal clients at higher price points, bettering your client experience, and making more money.


Can you relate?

I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore!

I'm working with budget clients.

I'm scared to raise my prices.

I need help with making packages.

I want better clients!

 I reached out to Brooke to inquire about her mentor opportunities, and was not disappointed! 

Her responses and information were timely, professional, and she was filled with awesome content. She was prepared, able to answer all of my questions, and took excellent headshots. I would definitely recommend Brooke Danielle Photography as a mentor, as well as a photographer! 

meredith w.


here are three options:



1 hour consult (phone or skype)



1 hour in person Q&A time
1 hour hands on time- learning/getting better adjusted with camera settings. Headshots are included!



1 hour in person Q&A time
1 hour hands on time.
The opportunity to shadow Brooke during a live wedding or photo session

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