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One area of my photography business that I am passionate about is mentoring other photographers. Let's face it, all of us have started somewhere & I can guarantee you it wasn't pretty. Even the best photographers in this industry have humbling stories to tell-myself included! The fact of the matter is we learn from those experiences, we pick our cameras back up, & strive to be better. Not only for ourselves, but for our clients. One thing I love about this industry is that there is always something new to learn, a skill to master, or an experience you can make better. My goal is to give you that confidence you need in order to catapult your business. 

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Kelly S.
Gainesville, VA

"Brooke is very patient & knowledgeable. She really made me feel comfortable asking questions & provided EXCELLENT feedback. Whether you are wanting to further develop your photography hobby or grow your business, Brooke can certainly help!"

Rebecca D.
Winchester, VA

"Leaving my mentoring session with Brooke, I had such a better understanding when it came to camera settings, lighting, marketing, posing, & so much more. Every part of our mentoring session together was so helpful."

"I really enjoyed my mentoring session with Brooke. She made it seem like I was sitting down with a mentor & a friend. Brooke was great in answering all of my questions, & I loved the headshot portion!"

Brittany P.
Bristow, VA

My back story...

I always joke that I did not find photography, but that my photography business found me. My journey started back in 2010, but little did I know at that time that it would become just that- a journey. I wanted to purchase my first "nice" camera. It was only a hobby, but one I was hungry to learn more about. I captured mostly portraits for family & friends. Shortly after sharing images on social media, I began to receive actual inquiries from paying clients.

Fast forward to the year 2013. An old acquaintance of mine was getting married in which she reached out to me via email to discuss capturing her wedding. I was pretty uneasy about the idea, but after meeting with her she was adamant about having me be their wedding photographer. I agreed to her request, although I was a nervous wreck inside. I did not feel experienced or qualified by any means to take on a wedding, but I knew this may be a great opportunity for my upcoming business.

The wedding day came. March 2013. What a disaster, lol. I will never forget that day as I had a terrible migraine from the stress. I believe I had everything working against me when it came to the location, the weather, and the unorganized timeline which made everything fall behind. Leaving the wedding that day I felt so defeated. Was I really cut out to be a wedding photographer? Would I ever be bold & confident enough to take on that role? I began to question everything when it came to my skill, my endurance, & mostly the direction of my business. It was truly a test that I felt like I had failed.

Fast forward to September of the same year. I was recommended by a mutual friend to help a local photographer assist & 2nd shoot a couple of weddings with her. Having some time to recover from my last experience, I figured this may be a good way to learn & to give this whole wedding photography thing another try. It was this season of my life that completely transformed my outlook, & I will always be grateful to the Lord for laying this opportunity in my lap. Otherwise, I'm not so sure I would be capturing wedding photography today. While 2nd shooting for this very talented wedding photographer, I learned so much just from shadowing her. Not only did I learn, but I gained so much confidence. I realized quickly how capturing a wedding did not have to be stressful. I learned that it was mostly about communication, education, & preparation. I was able to witness something much different than the experience that I had to where suddenly the light bulb went off. Of course I still had a lot to learn along the way when it came to equipment & my skill, but the fact that I was able to gain confidence to pick my camera back up again was all that I needed.

The year 2014- I booked my first set of weddings. 6 weddings to be exact. Each year I booked more & more weddings, with a max of 18 weddings for the year of 2017. I fell in love with wedding photography, & now I cannot imagine not capturing weddings. I realized that the reason why I had a rough experience had everything to do with not having the proper mentoring beforehand. I certainly learned the hard way, but at the same time that is what makes us grow. That is what makes us thrive. 

Brooke is a self taught photographer, and has learned from some of the best in the photography industry through hands on workshops, online education, & coaching sessions with local photographers. Brooke has since photographed 100+ weddings in her career. 

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